You’ve obviously got a tree stump in your way and you’re considering what the options are.

Well, you could just poison it and let it rot. Thats ok, a dead stump will become a host to all sorts of grubs and bugs, but it could also over time become host to various fungi. If you do decide to poison it we do offer a stump killing service, using specialist plugs that reduces any danger to pets or other wildlife.

You could dig the stump out. This is not a service we can help you with and depending on the size of the stump its not always a practical option. The ground disturbance will be greater than it would be with a stump grinder and of course you will have the stump to dispose of too. You should check with your skip/waste transfer provider that they will take tree stumps.

Tree stump grinding, in most cases will be the most cost and time effective option. With a stump grinder you will have a machine and operator arrive on site and within a short time space of time with limited damage to the surrounding area, the bole of the stump will be reduced to a woodchip and soil mulch. In most cases the stump will be ground away to the root break-up, 10-12 inches below ground level. You can then deal with the mulch fairly easily, as you wish. It could be added to the compost heap or taken at your leisure to the local tip.

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